(H)afrocentric Comic Strip: YouTube Dating Advice


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November 27, 2016


Each week, The Establishment brings you the comic strip “(H)afrocentric,” a witty look at a group of disgruntled undergrads navigating their way through Ronald Reagan University. Check out the first four panels, plus an interview with the comic’s uber-talented creator, Juliana “Jewels” Smith, here. Stay tuned for a new panel each week (old-school Sunday comics style!). And peruse all the strips published so far here.

In this scene, Kwame plugs his can’t-miss YouTube channel. [CLICK TO ENLARGE]


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  • (H)afrocentric

    (H)afrocentric is a comic strip by Juliana "Jewels" Smith, Ronald Nelson, and Mike Hampton. Learn more at hafrocentric.com.

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