H.D. Roslin

Polymath and actual living magical girl, complete with transformation sequence, black fluffy sidekicks, and a thirst for justice. Accepts tribute in the form of friendship, laughs, mocktails, research opportunities, and cute shoes. Current pet project: a FateCore game setting that involves a complete re-write of human biology to make fantasy and futuristic tabletop gaming a safer, friendlier place for gender non-conforming youth forging new sexual identities and orientations.


If I could eradicate one societal ill, it would be rape culture.

When I’m alone, I like to sing Lana Del Rey songs while I dance and cook elaborate meals.

The three women, dead or alive, I most want to see square off on Jeopardy are Lady Anne Isabella Noel Byron, Madam CJ Walker, and
Gertrude Bell.

H.D.'s articles

phrenology lead

the therapist is in

Advice For The Marginalized On Finding A Good Therapist

H.D. Roslin

For those outside social norms, finding help can feel especially daunting.

burlesque lead


How Burlesque Dancing Healed Me

H.D. Roslin

I learned to express feelings, and then full stories, with my body.