Josh Shahryar

Josh is a refugee writer and journalist, mainly interested in human rights. He’s written for publications like Al Jazeera English, Christian Science Monitor, The Women Under Siege Project, and PBS Frontline’s Tehran Bureau. In his spare time, he sits on a gargoyle on a high rise in Sacramento, California, awaiting a nemesis to spar with in the dead of night.


If I could eradicate one societal problem, it would be poaching.

When I’m alone, I like to drink green tea while I watch old episodes of Futurama on repeat and refuse to go out and hang out with my long-suffering friends.

The three women, dead or alive, I most want to see square off on Jeopardy are Sophia Petrillo, Hatshepsut, and Thuranga Leela.

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call to action

Don’t Offer To Sign Up—Stop The Muslim Registry Before It Begins

Josh Shahryar

Rather than touting future allyship, you must start the fight now.


man's man's man's world

Trump And The Dangerous Myth Of Good And Bad Men

Josh Shahryar

The patriarchy thrives in a grey area no one wants to talk about.