Kathi Valeii

Kathi exists to expose and exploit misogyny and mansplaining across the vast recesses of the interwebs and beyond. Her blog, Birth Anarchy, attempts to connect reproductive injustices across the full spectrum – from contraception to abortion to birth. She’s been called a Cuntsplainer, a badge she wears with immeasurable pride.


If I could eradicate one societal ill, it would be religion.

When I’m alone, I like to I recount how many times my teenager called me “ridiculous” that day while I drown in wine and lash out at my keyboard.

The three women, dead or alive, I most want to see square off on Jeopardy are Angela Davis, Sylvia Plath, and Betty White. And I’d like to up the ante by swapping Jeopardy for a game of Cards Against Humanity.

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How Anti-Choicers Appropriate The Black Lives Matter Movement

Kathi Valeii

Some in the anti-choice movement frame reproductive justice as a form of black genocide.


Cut That Out

How Men’s Rights Activists Hijacked The Circumcision Debate

Kathi Valeii

Sexism isn’t a good look for a human rights campaign.

larp lead

please don't return, kings

Men’s Rights Activism: A Malevolent World Of Make-Believe

Kathi Valeii

Three ways Roosh V’s Return of Kings meetups are like live action role playing.