Sam Riedel

Sam Riedel is a freelance writer and editor from Brooklyn. Her work on pop culture and transgender issues has previously appeared in Publishers Weekly, Bitch, and Fresh Romance, as well as on B&N Reads,, and The Mary Sue. She subsists on a balanced diet of noodles, Pokémon, and comic books. Prolonged contact may cause irritation.


If I could eradicate one societal ill, it would be resource inequality.

When I’m alone, I like to listen to podcasts while I browse Tumblr and read old superhero comics.

The three women, dead or alive, I most want to see square off on Jeopardy are Lili Elbe, Laverne Cox, and Sylvia Rivera.

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Trump’s Health Care Amendments Could Be Deadly For Trans People

Sam Riedel

Trump’s health care plan: allowing bigots to dictate what parts of the ACA to keep.



There’s Nothing ‘Casual’ About Telling People To Kill Themselves Online

Sam Riedel

Anyone can be harassed online, but LGBTQ folks are most at risk.


who ya gonna blame?

Why Busting ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Myths May No Longer Matter

Sam Riedel

Anti-Busters got what they wanted: a scapegoat for all of their reboot anger.


pernicious profiling

The Risks Of Traveling While Trans

Sam Riedel

I learned firsthand what it’s like to be profiled for gender nonconformity.


collective action

Why The First Sex Shop Workers’ Union Is So Important

Sam Riedel

The Babeland employees’ union is huge for both workers’ and LGBTQ rights.

period pain lead

in the same bloat

Yes, Trans Women Can Get Period Symptoms

Sam Riedel

Why isn’t the medical community looking into this phenomenon?